OK, we admit it: You do exist

There are all sorts of ways for communities to swell with pride. Winning a state championship in high school basketball, for example. Then there is what happened to Larose, La. Last Saturday, just in time for the holidays, residents finally were awarded their own ZIP code. "It's time," a happy Christine Hohensee told the Houma Today newspaper after the Postal Service yielded to 40 years of petitions and other forms of pressure and issued the small rural town the code 70373. The designation means that, depending where in town folks live – Larose is divided into quadrants by Bayou Lafourche and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway – they won't have to drive to Cut Off (3.5 miles south) or Lockport (12 miles northwest) anymore to pick up their cards, letters, bills, packages ... and junk mail. Instead, carriers will deliver to each home or business just as they do in most other communities. A Postal Service spokeswoman agreed that the process had been "very lengthy" but defended it as necessary. Anyway, she said, now that it's over, "We're really pleased that we were able to give that service to the customers." Besides, it only seems fair, since the town takes its name from Joseph Larose, who lived there in the late 19th century and served as – yup – a postmaster.

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