Among sports power brokers, Tiger takes the top spot

Sports league commissioners and other male executives dominate BusinessWeek magazine's second annual list of the most powerful people in sports, "The Power 100." Still, a current athlete, Tiger Woods, tops the chart even while sitting out the rest of the year on the Professional Golfers Association Tour as he recovers from knee surgery. Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps? He holds down the 42nd spot. Auto racer Danica Patrick, the first of five women on the list, is 50th. A panel of athletes, executives, marketers, writers, and academicians ranked the finalists from among 300 candidates, based on the wealth or financial influence of each and the breadth and staying power of his or her impact on a sport. The top 10 of BusinessWeek's "Power 100," with each person's title:

  • 1. Tiger Woods, golfer
  • 2. Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner
  • 3. David Stern, NBA commissioner
  • 4. George Bodenheimer, ESPN president
  • 5. Dick Ebersol, NBC Sports chairman
  • 6. Phil Knight, Nike chairman
  • 7. Bud Selig, Major League Baseball commissioner
  • 8. Brian France, NASCAR chairman and chief executive officer
  • 9. Michael Jordan, retired NBA great and current minority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats
  • 10. Sean McManus, CBS News and Sports president
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