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Following a Tip: Correspondent Sibylla Brodzinsky says that living in Bogotá, she was unaware of the spontaneous, grass-roots movement to record the atrocities in Colombian villages (see story). "A report by the Historic Memory Group tipped me off. When I went to Trujillo, I realized they were actively reconstructing their history, even though no one was paying attention. They told me about other communities doing the same thing. I found it heartening that even in the middle of the conflict, families of victims wanted to get the truth out. "

Neighborhood Feud: Staff writer Ilene Prusher visited two communities, one Palestinian, one Israeli, to report today's story about the use of cameras to spotlight attacks, and to explore the causes of the conflict.

"I was struck by how close the two sides were to each other. I spent half a day with another reporter in Asira il-Qabliya [the Palestinian village] and the second half of the day in Yitzhar [the Israeli settlement]. From Yitzhar, we could see the home of the Palestinian woman we'd just interviewed down the hill," says Ilene. "Where I grew up in the US, this would be close enough for people to consider each other next-door neighbors, and the kids would probably play with each other."

David Clark Scott

World editor

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