Uh, couldn't this have waited?

The expression on the bride's face says it all. On what ought to have been the happiest day of her life, the new Mrs. Rocco Zahn sits forlornly beside her husband in a hotel room in Glachau, Germany, while uniformed police officers pepper them with questions. She wears her gown; he's in a tuxedo (although his jacket is off). Unseen in the picture, captured through an open door by a news photographer, are the guests at their reception, who presumably are carrying on without them. What had the couple done? Nothing. Well, except for reporting the theft of some of their wedding gifts, among them a laptop, from the bachelor party the night before.

The cops said they needed more information about the losses before they could investigate ... on top of what Rocco had given them earlier, just as he and his fiancée, Constanze, were about to exchange their vows. "We need to ask you a few questions – now," the cops said. (Or words to that effect.) Their wedding day was interrupted twice? Yes. Said one guest: "Everyone thought Rocco was in trouble when two officers ... led him away. When we found out they were just taking statements, [we all] started booing. There's a time and a place for these things."

No word yet on the resolution of the matter, but one guest of the groom reportedly is a suspect since he allegedly tried to cash in a missing gift certificate at a local store. Even if he turns out to be innocent, the newlyweds say he'll receive no more invitations from them.

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