As part of efforts to lessen truancy, about 50 students in four San Antonio-area school districts will be required to wear ankle bracelets with Global Positioning System monitoring. Court authorities will be able to track students with a history of skipping school, but civil libertarians question why the bracelets must be worn all the time.

Crews in Utah sifted through the wreckage of a small plane near Moab after all 10 people on board were killed after takeoff on Friday. Investigators are trying to determine if the plane, which carried a team of dermatologists servicing remote communities caught fire before or after it hit the ground.

After a week zigzagging its way up through Florida, tropical storm Fay was downgraded to a tropical depression, but cities along the Gulf Coast were still bracing for heavy rain. As a tropical storm, Fay set a record with four landfalls in Florida and was blamed for at least 11 deaths there and another in Georgia, emergency officials said.

The US men's Olympic basketball "Redeem Team" culminated a three-year mission to restore lost prestige by defeating Spain, 118-107, Sunday to win the gold medal. The victory didn't come easily, considering that the US had beaten Spain by 37 points earlier in the tournament.

New York could become America's No. 1 city for clean power, says Mayor Michael Bloomberg, if the city adopts an energy initiative he proposes that calls for putting windmills on city bridges and skyscrapers and wind turbines in rivers and coastal waters. Bloomberg says the plan could provide 10 percent of the city's electricity in 10 years and send a message by using an ocean wind farm to light Lady Liberty's lamp.

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