USC: college of Olympic champions

The University of Southern California has been listed on the résumés of more Olympians than any other college: 363 athletes since 1912, including a number of foreign nationals, have attended the Los Angeles school before, during, or after the Games. Entering the Beijing Games, they've collected 112 gold medals. Some of USC's notable Olympic champions, with the sport (or event) and years each won gold:

Charles Paddock (sprinter) 1920
Clarence "Bud" Houser (shot put, discus) 1924, 1928
Buster Crabbe (swimming) 1932
Charles Dumas (high jump) 1956
Murray Rose (swimming) 1956, 1960
Conn Findley (rowing) 1956, 1964
Bob Seagren (pole vault) 1968
John Naber (swimming) 1976
Cheryl Miller (basketball) 1984
Dusty Dvorak (volleyball) 1984
Janet Evans (swimming) 1988, 1992
Dot Richardson (softball) 1996, 2000
Lisa Leslie (basketball) 1996, 2000, 2004

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