Hanes: Now there's a brand with name recognition

Women's Wear Daily, an industry trade journal sometimes described as the "fashion bible," is a keen watcher of retail trends. To keep abreast of which apparel and accessory brands female consumers know best, the newspaper puts together an annual "WWD 100" list. The latest ranking is led by Hanes, which has now held the top spot for six straight years. Part of the reason that the maker of underwear, hosiery, and socks receives so many "very familiar" survey responses is because the Hanes company (known as Hanesbrands) has been around since 1901. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that the Winston-Salem, N.C., conglomerate has an estimated annual ad budget of $100 million. The most recognizable apparel and accessory brands, as identified in WWD's 2008 consumer survey:

1. Hanes
2. Nike
3. Victoria's Secret
4. Fruit of the Loom
5. Levi Strauss
6. Timex
7. L'eggs
8. Old Navy
9. Reebok
10. Liz Claiborne

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