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From Wales comes word that the Coray family is back home again from their vacation trip. That's nice, you say, but so what? Well, only that it didn't turn out quite as planned (although they may yet salvage something from it). It all began when they were handed the wrong boarding passes for their flight from Cardiff Airport, which they didn't realize until far too late. So instead of landing at their intended destination, Lanzarote, in the sunny Canary Islands, you can imagine their surprise when the plane touched down and a hostess said, "Welcome to Turkey!" The family wasn't, as Charles Coray put it, willing to spend their holiday there. And to compound the situation, he, and wife Tania, and their daughter, Phoebe, were charged $20 each for new visas before they could return home.

If you're wondering, yes, there have been repercussions. The airline staffer who issued the wrong boarding passes has been suspended, and the carrier has apologized for the error. Then there's the travel agency that booked their original trip. It also has apologized, and promised a full refund for all out-of-pocket expenses. Now, the family is looking forward to a new trip, this time to Ibiza. It's an island off the coast of Spain and even closer to Turkey than Lanzarote. But, said Charles Coray, "I'll make sure I check the boarding passes so that mistake doesn't happen again."

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