Pennsylvania became the eighth and last state in the Great Lakes region Tuesday to approve a compact designed to protect the lakes from large-scale diversions. Congress must still sanction the accord, which is designed to keep the world's largest surface freshwater system as a regional resource.

A federal judge overseeing the lawsuits filed by Guantánamo Bay detainees ordered the Justice Department Tuesday to put other cases aside and move ahead with those of prisoners held nearly seven years at the naval base in Cuba.

The National Transportation Safety Board assigned heavy blame to confusing highway signs in a bus crash last year that killed five college baseball players when their bus plunged off an overpass onto an interstate below.

Glaciers on California's Mount Shasta are the only ones in the US known to be growing, say scientists who attribute the development to warming weather patterns over the Pacific. More moist air now falls on the southernmost volcano in the Cascade chain, enough to build up the glaciers despite a rise in temperature.

Investment and mutual fund pioneer Sir John Templeton, who died Tuesday in Nassau, Bahamas, where he lived, was known for his philanthropic efforts. He founded the Templeton Prize to foster "progress in religion" by recognizing efforts to reconcile the spiritual and scientific realms. A native of Tennessee, Templeton became a naturalized British citizen.

A county prosecutor in Los Angeles said Tuesday that no criminal negligence charges would be brought against the medical staff at Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital, which didn't help a homeless woman who died in May 2007 after spending nearly an hour on the emergency room floor. Prompt intervention, the prosecutor concluded, would not have saved the patient's life.

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