Mongolia: where getting away from it all is no problem

For vast and mostly empty Mongolia to increase its tourism business (which its leaders hope to do), marketers might have to aim their pitch at seekers of solitude. That's because the world's second-largest landlocked country, after Kazakhstan, also is the least densely populated. It has just 2.9 million people, two-thirds of them nomads who move with the seasons. What Mongolia, with its mountains and Gobi Desert, has to sell are natural beauty, wildlife, and the colorful culture of those nomadic people – and possibly future gambling casinos. The least densely populated countries, according to, with rounded-off averages for the numbers of people per square kilometer:

  • Mongolia 2
  • Namibia 2
  • Australia 3
  • Botswana 3
  • Iceland 3
  • Suriname 3
  • Libya 3
  • Mauritania 3
  • Canada 3
  • Guyana 4
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