Hey, honey, guess what I did?

"Wouldn't it be something," Ted Kemp asked two friends one day late last month, "if I got another one?" Another ... what? Well, once you learn that the three guys were standing on the tee to the par-3 eighth hole at Muscatine (Iowa) Municipal Golf Course, you probably can guess that Kemp was referring to a hole in one. He admits to thinking along exactly those lines when he pulled an 8-iron from his bag, stepped to the ball, and whacked his drive toward the green 182 yards away.

"I thought it was going to come up short," he told the Muscatine Journal afterward. But it landed only a few feet from the cup and rolled right in. Now, a hole in one is always a thrill for a golfer, but as we've seen, this wasn't Kemp's first. Or even his first that day. In fact, it was his second on consecutive par-3 holes. OK, so now we go to the back nine at Muscatine, which feature three more par-3s. Could he do it again? Ah, no.

"I pretty much came back to earth" on those, he said. All in all, however, what he accomplished was "pretty unreal" for a golfer who says he basically uses a "trial and error" approach to the game. In 2000, Golf Digest magazine asked an expert mathematician to calculate various odds for accomplishing a hole in one. For two by the same person in the same round: 67 million to 1.

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