The Food and Drug Administration, which has been under growing pressure to improve its safety reviews of drugs and food imports, said Wednesday it aims to hire more than 1,300 biologists, chemists, and other staff by October in expanding from 10,000 employees. Many of the jobs will be funded by higher industry fees.

Michigan Democrats suggested a compromise Tuesday aimed at getting the Democratic National Committee, which penalized the state for its too-early primary, to seat the state's 128 delegates at this summer's national convention. The plan calls for splitting the delegation 69-59 in favor of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, who claims she should get 73 votes based on the Jan. 15 results. Her rival, Barack Obama, calls for a 64-64 split.

Reducing energy dependence is the highest national security priority for the American public, according to the latest Confidence in US Foreign Policy index issued jointly by Public Agenda and the journal Foreign Affairs.

In congressional testimony Wednesday urging assistance in dealing with the TVs, computers, and other electronics often donated to nonprofits, a spokesman for Goodwill Industries said the charity receives about 800,000 computers a year, representing 23 million pounds of e-waste.

Science teacher Mike Geisen (above, l., with pupils at Oregon's Crook County Middle School) was honored as national teacher of the year Wednesday during a White House ceremony. The award is presented by the Council of Chief State School Officers. Geisen engages students by writing songs, developing games, and devising ways for them to show off their energy knowledge.

An Army study finds that the benefits of accepting recruits with criminal records or drug and alcohol issues outweigh the risks associated with their past bad behavior. The findings show soldiers who need special waivers to join the military are promoted faster and re-enlist at a higher rate even though more go AWOL and are more likely to face courts-martial.

The Michigan State Police threw a pizza party earlier this week for J.R. Bouterse, an 11-year-old Boy Scout of Dorr, Mich., in recognition of his honesty for turning in a wallet he found with $800 inside. Also present were the 30 members of J.R.'s scout troop and Jessica Cutler, the owner of the wallet.

Army barracks worldwide arebeing inspected to determine if unacceptable plumbing conditions like those at Fort Bragg, N.C., exist elsewhere, the Pentagon said Tuesday. A video shot at the base by a soldier's father revealed moldy conditions and drains plugged with sewage.

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