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Christian Hartmann/REuters
An estimated 11,000 cross-country skiiers raced over Lake Sils in the 42.2 kilometer (26.2 mile) Engadine Ski Marathon in Switzerland on Sunday.

Jungle Camp with Satellite TV: Sibylla Brodzinsky landed in Lago Agrio, Ecuador, just in time to talk herself onto a military helicopter that was going to visit the FARC camp bombed by Colombian aircraft on March 1 (see story).

"When we landed, the Ecuadorean officers told us that they'd never seen such a well-appointed rebel camp. It had two generators, satellite TV dishes, a large flat-screen TV, piles of uniforms, and an elaborate kitchen by a stream. There was an obstacle course nearby. It was clearly a permanent camp," she says.

Apparently, this is where the FARC's No. 2 leader went to rest between bouts of fighting in Colombia. Sibylla says that the Ecuadorean soldiers pointed out the 10 bomb craters and the North-South direction of the fallen trees, indicating that Colombian aircraft had gone deeper into Ecuadorean airspace than officially stated .

David Clark Scott

World editor

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