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Koji Sasahara/AP
At the Mimusubi shrine in Yotsukaido, Japan, locals hold an annual mud festival that includes a ceremony praying for a good harvest and good health. Audience participation is apparently welcome.

No Polish Accents: London correspondent Mark Rice-Oxley set out to do a little research on the shortage of Bangladeshi staff in British curry restaurants (see story). But with 12,000 curry houses to choose from, his stab at finding a good example fell short. "If my favorite curry house is suffering from a shortage of Bangladeshi waiters then it is doing a good job covering it up," he says.

During a recent visit, the restaurant was packed with families, couples on a romantic night out, and what appeared to be a local operatic group, and yet "the food was prompt and service snappy and, he adds, "no trace of Polish accents emanating from the vicinity of the kitchen."

David Clark Scott

World editor

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