Reporters on the Job

No June brides? Bulgarian Muslims turn out for a two-day wedding ceremony in Ribnovo, Bulgaria. The ceremony is only performed in winter.

On the Banks of the Sava: Saturday's press conference in Belgrade by Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic was a jovial, celebratory affair. The next day Serbs turned out in droves to vote for a new president in a tight race. "It was a beautiful day. After voting, many Serbs went to the Sava River for a hot beverage and a stroll along the banks," says staff writer Robert Marquand. But when the returns came out Sunday evening, the response was muted: a few honking horns and fireworks. "The closeness of the race scared a lot of people. They worried that a nationalist, isolationist Serbia would return and take away opportunities for their children," says Bob.

David Clark Scott

World editor

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