I'll even throw in the dog food

Say, are you one of those people who'd be willing to give a dog a good home? Well, an adult female Irish setter is available, and she's healthy and enjoys exercise. We know this because her current owner tells stories about her exploits, especially when taken along on outings with him, which apparently has been often. Slobodan Paparella, you see, lives on the island of Lastovo in the Adriatic Sea off southern Croatia. It's a picturesque place covered in thick forests interrupted by red-roofed houses. It also has a balmy climate and uncommonly good sport fishing, which Paparella takes ample advantage of. And that's just the problem. As experienced an angler as he is, his pet – Lipi – puts him to shame. How? By catching more fish than he does. Whereas he might land a single fish while accompanying his pals, Lipi would jump into the water and return with as many as a dozen. The last straw came recently when Paparella hooked a 15-pounder, only to lose it as he was about to reach down with his net. As if to say, "I'll get it for you," Lipi then splashed after the prize, took it her jaws, and swam back to shore. So did she earn an appreciative pat on the head? Or maybe an extra biscuit? No way. Paparella officially had had it with her. "The other [guys] were all laughing at me," he confessed to reporters. "I have no choice but to sell the dog; it keeps humiliating me."

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