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This young girl participates in Sunday's annual San Sebastian festival known as "La Tamborrada." People dressed as cooks and soldiers follow drum-playing bands.

I'll Be Watching You: The Chinese authorities have responded to the land claim movement by tens of thousands of peasants with a heavy hand (see story), arresting protest leaders and anyone else involved who talks to outsiders, says staff writer Peter Ford.

"That meant that I had to be very cautious about meeting people," he says. "I changed cell phones between calls and tried to avoid the authorities in order to protect my sources' security – and mine."

"But one of our sources' phones was evidently tapped," says Peter. "When we emerged from the hotel where we had rented a room by the hour for our interview, a man in a black car with tinted windows filmed us through the windshield, though he did not intervene."

David Clark Scott

World editor

This week's look ahead

Tuesday, Jan. 22:Berlin US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meets with counterparts from the UN Security Council and Germany to discuss Iran's nuclear program. She will also meet with senior German officials about the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, Jan. 23:Brussels European Union officials discuss how to slash greenhouse gas emissions by a fifth by 2020. Davos, Switzerland The World Economic Forum holds its annual four-day meeting, drawing participants from business, government, media, academia, arts, and civil society to discuss major issues facing the world.

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