Looking spiffy there, Officer: best-dressed US police forces

There's nothing like a snappy, well-pressed uniform to get people's attention. According to the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors, uniforms are "the ultimate communicator of image and authority." Perhaps it's not surprising, therefore, that the New York-based trade group has handed out awards to the best-dressed law-enforcement departments annually for 30 years. At the state level, the Washington State Patrol leads the current field with its long-sleeved blue shirts and dark blue pocket flaps, French blue pants, and distinctive campaign hats and bow ties. The complete list of best-dressed police forces, by category, according to the association:

City over 200 officers: Independence, Mo.
City under 200 officers: Rowlett, Texas
City under 100 officers: Wyoming, Mich.
City under 50 officers: Cocoa, Fla.
County department: New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, Castle Hayne, N.C.
Statewide force: Washington State Patrol
University police: Vincennes (Ind.) University
Park police: Huron-Clinton Metroparks, Brighton, Mich.

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