A black man who stands up to looters in Ferguson

A resident of the Canfield Green Apartments apparently stops looters at Sam's Market in Ferguson, Mo. The episode is caught on video.

An uneasy - or perhaps fatigued - calm has settled over Ferguson, Mo. in the past few days. After almost two weeks of protests, tear gas, shooting, and looting, Friday night was another quiet night.

Emblematic of the shift is a video clip of a young black man scolding - and apparently halting - a handful of looters outside Sam’s Market in Ferguson earlier this week.

The man is a resident of Canfield Green Apartments, where Michael Brown was shot on Aug. 9, according to KMOV-TV Channel 4 in St. Louis.

"I got to live in this area," he says as at least five young black men appear to be gathering outside the store, which reportedly had been looted twice already.

"You for the white man!" says someone off camera.

"I'm not for the white man. I'm for everybody," the man replies. "But you ain't gotta loot and riot in private stores, where I gotta live and my son gotta live, and everybody else gotta live."

Someone off camera tells him "you got the devil" as the clip ends.

The store owners, who declined to be interviewed on camera, said that they aren't restocking because they're too afraid of looting. Local volunteers helped clean up the store after the last round of looting.

Local residents interviewed praised the man's courage in protecting the store. "It's not good to loot at all because at the end of the day you're only hurting yourselves," Charlesvetta Stokes, a Ferguson resident told KMOV.com

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