Heisman history: from Berwanger to Manziel? A football quiz

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History, many suspect, will be made when the winner of the 78th annual Heisman Memorial Trophy is announced Saturday at the Best Buy Theater in New York’s Times Square. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel appears to be the favorite to become the first freshman (a redshirt freshman) in his case to ever win college football’s biggest individual prize. The legend of “Johnny Football” reached its zenith when he led the Aggies to a stunning upset of Alabama Nov 10. The closest any freshman previously came to capturing the Heisman came in 2004, when Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson finished second. To gauge your Heisman IQ, try taking this 20-question quiz.

1. Jay Berwanger, the triple-threat halfback who won the first Heisman in 1935, played for what former Big Ten Conference school that dropped football for many years, beginning in 1939?



Wabash College


University of Chicago



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