49ers' Kaepernick surpasses Montana, Young. A Week 11 NFL quiz

The revered legacies of San Francisco quarterbacking greats Joe Montana and Steve Young had to stand down Monday night, as benchwarmer Colin Kaepernick turned in a better first game as a starter than either of the Hall of Famers. Forced into service by an injury to starter Alex Smith, Kaepernick helped bury the Bears, who were without injured QB Jay Cutler, by completing more passes (16 of 23) and throwing for more yards (243) and  more touchdowns (2) than either Montana or Young did in their debuts as San Francisco starters. The result: a 32-7 win. To test your knowledge of Week 11 NFL developments, take this 12-question quiz.

1. Colin Kaepernick, the backup quarterback who led the 49ers over the Bears, leads NFL quarterbacks in what category?

Beck Diefenbach/REUTERS
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) looks to pass against the Chicago Bears during the first quarter of their NFL football game in San Francisco, California November 19, 2012.

Cars owned

Largest shoe size

Most tattoos

Largest face mask

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