Five times the NCAA meted out a 'death penalty.' Will Miami make six?

Allegations of perks showered on University of Miami football players call into question the NCAA's ability to really police college athletics. Some wonder if the NCAA will mete out the 'death penalty' to Miami. Only five sports programs have ever been banned from competition for a year or more.

2. University of Southwestern Louisiana basketball, 1973-75

Tipped off in the spring of 1971 that Southwestern Louisiana (known now as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) may have improperly recruited several players, the NCAA uncovered a number of other infractions.

Head coach Beryl Shipley let players use his car free of charge and paid for gasoline, made personal loans to players for which there was no record of repayment, and gave cash to prospective players on campus visits “for entertainment purposes.”

Coaches also falsely declared a number of players as academically eligible to compete, and in one instance, an assistant coach from Southwestern Louisiana forged the signature of a high school principal on a player’s transcript.

The NCAA barred the Southwestern Louisiana basketball team from competition for the 1973-74 and 1974-75 seasons.

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