Brett Favre: Is an NFL team beckoning again?

Brett Favre continues to pop up on the sports news radar these days. Now that the NFL lockout is over, speculation is growing about Brett Favre playing once again.

Eric Miller/Reuters
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre heads to the sidelines after he throws a pass intercepted by Chicago Bears' Julius Peppers during the first quarter of their NFC, NFL football game at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, December 20, 2010.

If Rick Pitino were at the podium, the announcement might go something like this: "Brett Favre is not walking through that door, fans."

Back in 2000, Pitino, the former coach of the Boston Celtics, famously announced that retired stars Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish were not returning to help his floundering team.

At the moment, there's no plan for Brett Favre to return to the football field this fall, according to his agent.

Favre's name started buzzing online several days ago when Eagles quarterback Michael Vick tweeted that he "would be honored" to have Favre as one of his backups in Philadelphia.

Late last week, a local sports talk radio host threw more wood on the Favre fire, saying on a Philly TV station that the notion of the Eagles pursuing Favre is "possible."

Some analysts think the idea of Favre going to Philly is not a bad one. But the burning question is: Does Favre want to play?

Maybe Vick, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and offensive lineman Jason Peters can hop on a private jet in a couple of weeks, fly to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and escort number 4 to southeastern Pennsylvania for the end of training camp.

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