Venus Williams outfit: in defense of her Wimbledon jumper

Venus Williams is getting a lot of flak for the self-designed jumper she wore during her decisive victory over Akgul Amanmuradova of Ukraine, but she deserves credit for being creative.

Eddie Keough/Reuters
Venus Williams wore an unusual garment of her own design to play at Wimbledon in London on June 20.

Venus Williams, the great American tennis player with a penchant for eccentric clothes, made an indelible impression in her blousy regulation-white jumper during her decisive victory over Akgul Amanmuradova of Ukraine at Wimbledon in London on June 20. Though her fashion statement has been met with howls of derision and disapproval, she gets points for being creative.

“Jumpers are very now, kind of trendy,” Ms. Williams told reporters by way of explanation. “The back is kind of, I don’t know, like a cutout or a peek-a-boo. I’m always trying to do something different and fun.” That’s what makes Venus-watching so interesting (and her sister Serena, for that matter).

The lacy white jumper she designed featured a draped, open back and golden accents (including gold underwear) that made Ms. Williams look goddess-like, in keeping with her name. She opted for a flowing look rather than the boring body-hugging spandex favored by female tennis players. And it’s refreshing not to see designer labels advertising a clothing company all over a tennis player for a change.

While it's certainly not a look just anyone can pull off, expect to see copycats on your local court soon.

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