Tiger Woods: A challenging start to the year

Tiger Woods competed in his first PGA Tour event last weekend in San Diego, but finished well back. Then, came word that an Arabian golf course project is now on hold. What else can go wrong for Tiger Woods?

Mike Blake/Reuters
U.S. golfer Tiger Woods reacts after hitting his drive for the 10th tee to the right in third round play on Torrey Pines South course during the Farmers Insurance Open PGA golf tournament in San Diego, California January 29.

You know, some days, it's tough to get out of bed. Some years seem to start slower than others.

Tiger Woods knows your pain.

After a very forgettable 2010, at least in terms of his golf game, Tiger jumped onto the 2011 PGA Tour bandwagon last week at the Farmers Insurance Open outside San Diego.

Following a pair of pedestrian rounds of three under 69, Woods shot a two over par 74 on Saturday. Woods then proceeded to shoot a three over par 75 on Sunday. His playing partner in the final round hinted that Tiger 'mailed it in' when he realized a major move up the leaderboard wasn't happening.

Earlier this week, there was news that a Tiger Woods-designed golf course project in Dubai, worth a cool $1 billion, had been placed on hold.

Can't a guy catch a break?

Apparently, Tiger can. The '2011 Tiger Jam,' a concert that raises money for his charitable foundation, is back on this year, after a one-year hiatus. The location: Vegas, baby.

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