Act of kindness: Ohio church wows pizza driver with tip of a lifetime

A church in Pickerington, Ohio, surprised their Domino pizza delivery driver with an unexpectedly large gift.

When Domino's driver Natasha Boyer delivered a pizza to Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington, Ohio, last week, she had no idea what was waiting for her.

When she arrived at the church on Oct. 4, the church’s lead pastor Steve Markle called her up on stage before the congregation of several hundred people. Reverend Markle then asked Ms. Boyer about the biggest tip she had ever received. She answered that it had been about $10.

“We’ve been teaching our church this last month about being generous, and so we did something special for you today. We took up a special offering for a tip for you,” Markle responded.

When Markle handed Boyer $1,046 in cash, she put her hand on her heart and began to cry.

“They saved me,” Boyer told NBC 4. “God saved me from losing my place. I mean it was truly the biggest blessing that I’ve ever received.”

Boyer told NBC 4 that she works about 55 hours a week as an assistant manager at a local Dominos, but she hasn’t been paid for several days of work because an illness forced her to stay home. 

Boyer said she was behind on rent, and the gift allowed her to pay her rent and late fee, keeping the house where she lives with her son.

“Just to know that it blessed (her) in that way and helped somebody that had a true need – boy that means so much to us and we’re just so thankful that it happened for (Boyer),” Markle told NBC 4 in Columbus, Ohio.

Markle also told NBC 4 that while the gift was a random act of kindness, it was God’s plan to give Boyer the large tip. The entire exchange was caught on video and uploaded on YouTube. .

“Our goal was just to bless somebody’s life and to show generosity but it’s being shown and a lot of people are sharing it and we appreciate that,” the pastor said. “We want to just encourage more people to think about how they can be generous to others.”

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