Will and Kate visit L.A.: Locals' top 10 southern California must-sees

2. Zuma Beach

n08 / ZUMA Press / Newscom / File
Elouise Nuo jumps in the surf at Zuma Beach in Malibu, Calif., on May 3.

To veer off the beaten path to less traveled sands, head up the coast to Malibu and one of the world’s great sandy spots.

Zuma Beach is just far enough north of the main L.A. beaches that tourists mostly leave it to locals and itinerant surfers. It’s a county beach – which means no alcohol – and wonderfully clean. The wide sands are raked daily, and the water has a clarity that no urban beachfront can match.

It’s the hush-hush fave of insiders who want the big beach experience without the trash and increasingly skuzzy coastal waters – a reminder of what made SoCal beaches famous.

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