Will and Kate visit L.A.: Locals' top 10 southern California must-sees

3. Tour a major movie studio

Zade Rosenthal / Colombia Pictures / Zuma Press / Newscom / File
Producer Laura Ziskin talks with actor Tobey Maguire in this 2002 file photo.

Choices range from Paramount on Melrose – where Bing Crosby and Bob Hope made their famous “Road” pictures and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced their way through Hollywood’s golden years – to the MGM backlot in Culver City (now Sony Pictures) where “Ben Hur,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Gone with the Wind” were all shot.

The main studios are now merged under six big names: Time Warner, Viacom, News Corp., Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, and Comcast.

“This is the entertainment capital of the world, and they really need to see how a movie is made,” says Zeke Drummond, an out-of-work janitor, sipping a cranberry smoothie at the Fashion Square mall food court. “William should really get down off his polo pony and see how a real-life stuntman does his horse tricks. It would open his eyes.”

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