Saints colors: the history behind the uniform choice

The Saints colors in Super Bowl XLIV Sunday will be white jerseys. The Colts’ decision to wear blue is significant.

Chuck Burton / AP
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) warms up before the start of the NFL Super Bowl XLIV football game against the Indianapolis Colts in Miami, Sunday.

The Saints colors, when they come marching in to Super Bowl XLIV Sunday night, will be in their white jerseys.

The decision was actually Indianapolis’s, since they had the better regular season record. The Colts chose to wear their home blue, which meant the New
Orleans Saints would be in white.

For the Saints, who are playing in their first Super Bowl, the decision has nothing but aesthetic significance. But the Colts are intentionally attempting to flout history.

The Colts have played in three Super Bowls previously – all in Miami, incidentally. Twice, including three years ago, they wore their white jerseys. Once, they wore blue.

Both times the Colts wore white, they won. The one time they wore blue, the New York Jets beat them for one of the biggest upsets in pro football history.

With the Saints considered the underdogs by Las Vegas oddsmakers as well as most pundits, many Saints fans might embrace the white.


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