If you regift, at least do it well

Regifting, a practice that is often maligned and usually frowned-upon by etiquette mavens, appears to be gaining more acceptance in hard times.

Jodi Newbern, author of “Regifting Revival! A Guide to Reusing Gifts Graciously,” says people run hot or cold on whether it’s acceptable to regift. Still, Interest this year, a time when the US has wallowed in recession and people are getting creative about gift-giving, is about triple that of last year, she estimates. If you do it, she offers some tips:


• Embellish and repackage.

• Check food expiration dates.

• Know what you’re giving away. (Don’t mistake a giant potato scrubber for a callus and corn remover.)


• Give gift cards that are partly used, soon to expire, or for out-of-town stores.

• Regift to the original giver.

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