GOP's 'old white guy' rule means Mitt Romney in 2012, says James Carville

Democratic strategist James Carville points out that for the past 76 years the GOP has picked its most senior white male to run for president. That would mean Mitt Romney.

Michael Bonfigli/Special to The Christian Science Monitor
Democratic strategist James Carville and Stanley Greenberg were the guests at a Thursday breakfast for reporters in Washington.

The real results of the Republican presidential sweepstakes probably will not be known for more than a year.

But at a Monitor sponsored breakfast for reporters on Thursday, Democratic strategist James Carville humorously suggested political handicappers bet on former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

“It never fails. He is the old white guy,” Carville said. Mr. Romney is 63 and white. Republicans “have never failed from 1944 to now,” to select the most senior white male in their party seeking the White House, he said. “If you are a handicapper and read the racing form, you go, ‘I will take a flier on this guy. He is the designated old white guy.' "

Taking a poke at Senator John McCain of Arizona, the GOP’s 2008 presidential candidate who was in his 70s during his latest run for the White House, Carville continued, “Everybody thought that 2008 was going to be different. And you couldn’t find a more designated old white guy than John McCain. You can’t get any older and whiter than that.”

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