Sarah Palin bus tour not dead, but still shrouded in mystery

The Sarah Palin bus tour is on hiatus, not dead, the former governor assured her Facebook fans. But without an itinerary or any apparent future stops, the media figured the show was over.

Steven Senne / AP / File
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stands near her tour bus outside a hotel in Boston, June 2.

Sarah Palin’s bus tour has not been cancelled, if you haven’t heard. It’s on hiatus. Ex-Gov. Palin took to social media yesterday to complain that news reports about the end of her One Nation motorized vacation were in error.

She said on her Facebook page that the coming weeks are busy for her due to civic responsibilities – she’s been called for jury duty.

“The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes. In the meantime, no one should jump to conclusions – certainly not the media with their long track record of getting things wrong or just making things up,” wrote Ms. Palin on Facebook.

Look, we’ll be the first to agree that the media isn’t all Ted Koppels. A traveling press pack can seem like a bunch of circus clowns. (Remember the astronaut movie “The Right Stuff”? A comedic theater troupe was cast as the Permanent Press Corps.) But we think that in this case, Palin protesteth a bit too much.

She announces her bus tour, hits a number of prominent East Coast spots without advertising her plans, and then disappears, without bothering to update the web page that’s supposedly chronicling her travels for supporters.

We get that she does not care to hand feed the media her schedule. But if you’re a political star and you make a big deal about something and then vanish, the press is going to fill that news vacuum for you. To complain about that is like complaining that the dogs ate the steaks you left in the yard overnight.

Plus, on her Twitter page Palin took another shot the ragged hacks of journalism, praising her daughter Bristol’s new book “Not Afraid of Life” while saying it reveals how “media can drive false narrative”.

You don’t see Michele Bachmann getting into arguments with the press over stuff like this. Maybe she realizes that it can block out the more positive messages she wants to push through the media clutter.

Anyway, now we that we know the One Nation tour will resume, where will Palin go? She hasn’t said, so we’ll speculate into that vacuum for her.

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK. A Palin visit to this popular Maine spot would show she’s not afraid to go after President Obama – he went here last year. Also Maine has a new governor who’s a tea party favorite.

NIAGARA FALLS. A chance to promote the years-long honeymoon of a marriage she’s enjoyed with First Dude Todd. Also, the water boiling over the falls could easily be compared to the flood of deficit spending that’s threatening our children’s heritage.

THE ALAMO. This is an obvious stopover for Palin’s bus. An Alamo appearance would give her the opportunity to talk about militia and guns again, like she did at Paul Revere’s House. Plus, a swing through Texas might bug her frenemy Rick Perry, the Lone Star governor who, like Palin, might run for President, and yet might not.

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