Bo Obama: a bargain at $1,600

Portuguese water dogs such as Bo, the Obama family dog, can sell for$3,000, but the Obamas have valued their pup at just $1,600.

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    Bo Obama, the Portuguese water dog given to the Obamas by Sen. Ted Kennedy last year, is worth $1,600, according to financial disclosure forms released Monday.
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Bo Obama was a steal.

According to financial disclosure forms released by the White House this week, Portuguese water dog Bo Obama is valued at $1,600.

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But the typical range for a Portuguese water dog, like the one the Obamas own, is $2,000 to $3,000, according to breeders.

Anything less, they say is suspicious.

“It’s hard to get a puppy from a reputable breeder for $1,600,” says Lisa Wiley, a Portuguese water dog breeder in Bethany, Conn. “I would be wary of any puppy less than that.”

Uh-oh. Is that why Vice President Biden said his dog is smarter than Obama's?

Portuguese water dog values are based on the dog’s bloodlines and whether its parents are Champions (high-quality bloodline), among other factors.

Um, so what’s wrong with Bo?

Nothing, as far as we can tell. Bo Obama was a ‘return dog’ – a dog that was previously owned and returned to the breeder. Since he wasn’t purchased as a pup and was previously owned, as used car dealers like to say, his price tag was probably reduced.

So the late Sen. Kennedy bought him on sale.

IN PICTURES: Bo Obama, you complete me


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