Desiree Rogers out, Julianna Smoot in (but scandal has nothing to do with it)

Julianna Smoot is replacing Desiree Rogers as the new White House social secretary but it has nothing to do with the gate crashers incident.

"She's Gone." Desiree Rogers (not pictured), is departing as White House social secretary. But it has nothing to do with the gate-crashers scandal according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Julianna Smoot is replacing Rogers.

It's almost as though they already had somebody lined up!

The White House announced Saturday that they've filled the position of social secretary. You remember, just yesterday the outgoing social secretary announced that she would be outgoing.

Welcome Julianna Smoot to the White House and say so long to Desiree Rogers.

If you recognize Smoot's name it's because she was a big-wig in the Obama campaign. She served as his national finance director. Smoot takes the place of Rogers who is departing but not because of any controversy -- like that gate crasher incident at the State Dinner a couple months ago.

Who says? Well, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, for one. He was asked that question yesterday.

"I don't think it did, no," Gibbs said when asked about it yesterday.

Ask Desiree

If you don't believe him, ask Rogers herself. She told Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet that this just ain't so.

"The incident at the State Dinner was not a deciding factor," Rogers said.

"This is a good time for me to explore opportunities in the corporate world," she added.


Skeptics would say, "In another news, LaDanian Tomlinson announced he decided to leave the San Diego Chargers and Tiger Woods held a press conference to say he was ending his relationship with Gatorade."

But enough with the skeptics. What the world needs now is love.

And just in case there are any skeptical people out there, the White House is already going on the offensive to block it.

Sure, Smoot was a fundraiser, they say. But so what? So was another social secretary.

"A senior White House official told Fox News that the social secretary for former President George W. Bush, Lea Berman, also had a fundraising pedigree," they report.

So there.

Stand by your woman

By the way, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is tired of people blaming Rogers for the gate-crasher incident.

Speaking at a dedication ceremony in Chicago this afternoon, Daley said Rogers ain't to blame. If you're going to blame anyone, point your finger at the Secret Service.

"There's only one group responsible for the security of the White House and the president. There's only one person, that's the Secret Service," the mayor said. "Let's stop blaming her for anybody walking in there, because no one can stop anyone with the exception of the Secret Service," he said.


She's gone. We better learn how to face it. So follow us on Twitter.

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