Did Sarah Palin trash-talk Twitter?

Is Sarah Palin so powerful that she can pummel Twitter?

Jake Turcotte
As if the Democrats aren't enough of a target, some are accusing the always-present Sarah Palin of now taking on a technology.

Democrats? Schmemocrats. Sarah Palin can go after them any time. Now she's taking it to the next level. She's trash-talking a technology.

If our friends over at the HuffPo and The Hill are correct, Sarah Palin has turned into an electronic Mad Max, laying waste to all opponents. And she's not afraid to take on anyone – or anything.

The target now? Twitter.

The Huffington Post today reports that Palin "took a jab" at the microblogging service during a speech she gave in Arkansas on Tuesday night. The Hill concurs saying that the former governor "mocked" Twitter.

How the heck do you mock a technology?

Number-one threat

CBS reports that, at a speaking event the other night in Arkansas, Palin was asked who she thought "the number-one threat" was. Before she could answer, audience members shouted, "Obama."

The moderator said, "Besides Obama."

Palin responded, "See, they said that, I didn’t. Just you watch now, too, because somebody will be here with their little Twittering thing, and it’s going to be on the Internet any minute now."

Mockery is probably a stretch on this one. Besides, what's the upside in slamming Twitter? Especially given her number of followers.

Big numbers

As The Hill notes, Palin has over 82,000 followers, and she had 150,000 on her gubernatorial account before she checked out. That's a pretty healthy following.

Not that she needs any attention, but she could certainly use the medium more. Only 120 tweets on her current account, which she started on Nov. 18, 2009. Robert Gibbs already has a tenth of that and he hasn't been on even a week.

Today's sole tweet from Palin: "Happy B'day Glenn Beck! Ah, the wisdom of our elders..."

Talk of the town

No surprise to anyone, she is frequently the talk of Twitter as well.

Advertising Age mentions that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh each "get referenced on Twitter around 1,000 times or fewer a day, whereas Palin is typically name-checked 5,000 times a day or more lately."

Oh yeah, and during the Tea Party convention? She was mentioned nearly 50,000 times while "Tea Party" was only referenced 11,000 times.

By the way, did you see the fake Google search commercial on Palin? Pretty funny stuff. Check it out here.


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