Hey, when's Obama going to play Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown in basketball?

On the night of Scott Brown's historic upset to win the Massachusetts senate seat, he challenged President Obama to a basketball game.

Is President Obama going to take Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown up his challenge for a two-on-two basketball game? Brown's daughter Ayla today suggested they turn the game into a charity event for Haiti.

We're not saying that Nate Robinson's dunk wasn't nice. It was. But aside from DeMar DeRozan's windmill the rest of the event was about as exciting as curling -- no offense to curling fans.

NBA's annual dunk contest might be on its last legs. And the All-Star game received the second-lowest rating ever for an NBA All-Star game. Sure, they packed Cowboys stadium, but viewers at home weren't that interested.

What to do? Call the president.

Improving NBA's All-Star weekend probably shouldn't be at the top of the Obama administration's agenda. Granted. But, for basketball fans, it would be a nice hopey-changey thing.

All he's got to do is take Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown up on his challenge.

You remember, on the night Brown scored his historic upset, the excited senator-elect challenged Obama to a game of two-on-two. Brown said the president could pick his best player (probably not Joe Biden) and the senator said he'd select his daughter, Ayla.

News has been pretty quiet on this front until earlier today when Ayla appeared on ABC and was asked about it. Is it going to happen?

"I hope so," Ayla said. "I think it'd be really fun."

The amazingly self-assured 21-year old showed she had some political savvy of her own. Don't make the game just for fun. Do it for charity. Who's going to say no to that?

"I was thinking why not charge admission," she said. "It'd be a really good game knowing me and my dad — we're very competitive — and give all the proceeds to Haiti."

It's a great idea. And Ayla would have said more but the interviewer started blabbing while she was talking and it wrecked whatever else she was going to say about the proposed event.

Regardless, if they were going to do it for Haiti, they should do it soon. And then the could do it every February during All-Star weekend.


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