Obama to appear on WWE but unfortunately not in spandex

President Obama will appear on a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) holiday program this Saturday night.

Jake Turcotte
President Obama will appear on a WWE holiday program on Saturday night. Unfortunately he will not be wrestling, but will instead deliver a message to the troops in a promotional announcement.

No, don't expect to see President Obama in a leather unitard pile-driving Hulk Hogan in a steel cage or anything. But you can expect to see him in a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) special this Saturday.

The president has taped a holiday message will which air on a WWE program called the "Tribute to the Troops" set for this Saturday at 9pm on NBC.

This is the seventh consecutive year that the WWE has put on special show for US forces from the Middle East.

TV Week says the show "chronicles the three days that the WWE Superstars and Divas spent visiting military bases and features a special live performance in front of thousands of military personnel."

We haven't seen the promo yet, but it isn't likely to cause a big stir in most circles. It's just what you do as president -- you see a good venue where you can reach some voters and you record a message. The higher profile the event, the better.

In Connecticut, however, the promo could make an impact. No, it's not because Connecticuters all sport spandex and throw chairs at each other, as far as we know. It's just that one of Senator Chris Dodd's opponents used to be the CEO of the WWE and has come under fire for a lot of the racy content that occurs during the wrestling matches.

So Obama's participation in a WWE event – even if just a promo – is good news for candidate Linda McMahon's campaign. It makes it legit, says one of her spokesmen.

"The President's involvement with WWE underscores what we've been saying all along – WWE is broadly recognized as a company that for years has made tremendous contributions to the community, to the state of Connecticut and to men and women in uniform," spokesman Ed Patru told Talking Points Memo. "It creates hundreds of jobs, it promotes literacy, it makes dreams come true for hundreds of children through Make-A-Wish, and every year it helps boost morale among our troops."

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