Obama on critical trip to Asia – but will he read Sarah Palin's new book?

Sarah Palin's new book, "Going Rogue," will be a huge seller, but sadly President Obama has no plans to read it.

President Obama was not one of the thousands of people in line today to get a signed copy of Sarah Palin's new book "Going Rogue." He was stuck in Asia.

What's the most critical question facing President Obama as he travels across Asia?

Perhaps an economic question. After all, China is the US's second largest trading partner. Maybe a national defense question. Kim Jong-il's repeated threats to fire nuclear weapons at Japan or Hawaii is unsettling. Or it could be a military question. Like the contentious issue of whether the US should maintain its 30,000 troops in Okinawa?

All important global issues. But then there's that other global issue too – Sarah Palin. And the Sarah Palin Newsweek cover. And Sarah Palin's appearance on Oprah, her interview with Barbara Walters, her conversation with Rush Limbaugh. And most importantly, Sarah Palin's new book.

The president was overseas, so he was unable to camp out in a snowmobile suit at the Grand Rapids' Barnes and Noble today to get a signed copy of "Going Rogue."

But surely he's going to read the book. Right? After all, he's an author himself and a voracious reader.

Thankfully, CNN's Ed Henry caught up with President Obama and asked him that critical question. The president's answer? Shocking.

"I - I probably won't," Obama said. "But I don't get a chance to read things other than briefing books very often these days anyway."

Although Palin probably won't lose any sleep over his plan not to read her book, she should be heartened by his prediction of its success.

"She is going to do very well with this book," he said. "That's clear."

Although the president won't be reading it, think of the joy around the White House Christmas tree this year if he just happens to find a spare signed copy for Michelle.

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