Bob Griese: Bob Griese apologizes for Juan Pablo Montoya "taco" comment

Bob Griese yesterday apologized for a comment he made about Juan Pablo Montoya.

Maybe Don Shula needs to talk to Bob Griese about the inappropriate comment the former Dolphins quarterback made yesterday regarding NASCAR's Juan Pablo Montoya.

Well, if Bob Griese gets kicked out of the broadcast booth for his comments about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya yesterday, he could always run for office.

Griese sounded like a politician yesterday. Not all politicians. Just the ones who put their feet in their mouth.

Griese inserted both during yesterday's Ohio State - Minnesota football game (see video below).

The former Dolphins quarterback -- now a football analyst for ESPN -- was talking about something he may know little about (another qualification for the political world) when he let a racially insensitive remark slip.

Broadcast booth partner Chris Spielman was promoting an upcoming NASCAR race by listing off the top five drivers in the standings and wondered aloud where Juan Pablo Montoya was on the list.

Griese let out a hearty laugh before replying, "He's out having a taco."

Luckily for Spielman the play on the field allowed him to get back into the game -- immediately. Somewhere down the line, though, Griese was made aware that he said something he shouldn't have and apologized.

But it's nothing you can really segue your way into. There didn't appear to be any, "And speaking of idiotic comments...." openings.

Instead, at the end of the game after the coaches met mid-field, Griese awkwardly laid it out there.

"NASCAR, uhhh, Juan Pablo Montoya, you know he's one of the gr -- uhhh, best drivers in NASCAR," Griese said. "Just wanna apologize for the comment I made earlier in the ballgame."

The ESPN press office -- which is working overtime these days -- put out a statement as well.

"During today's telecast of the Ohio State-Minnesota college football game on ESPN, analyst Bob Griese made an inappropriate comment when discussing NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya. Bob apologized during the telecast, and plans to apologize again during ESPN's college football programming after his plane lands. ESPN has spoken to Bob and he understands that his comment was uncalled for."


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