When the heck does Daylight Saving Time end?

The end is near. For Daylight Savings Time, that is.

Just like Doc Brown in "Back to the Future," it's time to go back in time. Well, next week anyway. Daylight Savings Time ends on November 1.

An extra hour of sleep this weekend? Think again...

If you're confused about when Daylight Saving Time ends, that's understandable. Two years ago, our government changed it in an attempt to conserve electricity.

It used to end on the last Sunday in October. Now it ends on the first Sunday in November. This means we turn our clocks back an hour next weekend -- on November 1 -- not this weekend.

Although you may have looked forward to getting some immediate extra zzzzzz's, at least you don't need 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to go back in time. And to the enjoyment of police departments around the country, everyone can stay out longer next Saturday night -- Halloween.

Tired of the whole time-change thing altogether? You're not alone. There's plenty of people who want to abandon it completely. The Alaska State House passed a bill earlier this year to end it. Nationally, there's a Facebook group here in the US against it -- although they really need a membership drive

And there's a whole movement over in Germany to abolish it.

By the way, did the US conserve electricity by expanding Daylight Saving Time? Well, the Department of Energy says yes. They conclude the extension has saved 0.5% of electricity usage during the extended period.

What's that mean? We don't have time to read it. If you'd like, you can download it here.

To make it easy, just remember the old adage: "Spring forward, fall back". (Just don't fall until next week).


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