Obama sings Happy Birthday to himself (and Helen Thomas)

President Obama and veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas posed for the cameras today as the two celebrated their birthday today in the White House press briefing room.

First Lady Michelle Obama probably has nothing to worry about although President Obama was caught kissing another woman today.

But he did it in full view of dozens of reporters, not to mention live TV cameras. And yeah, the woman he kissed was a reporter too. With a lot of standing.

No, this isn't some kind of weird Appalachian Trailthing. It was veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas's birthday. And to celebrate, President Obama made a surprise appearance in the briefing room carrying six candlelit cupcakes and leading the press corps in singing Happy Birthday.

As it was President Obama's birthday as well, the two shared birthday well-wishes from the reporters who still used the opportunity to throw some serious questions at the president (he ignored them).

When Thomas was asked what she wanted for her birthday, the president stepped in and answered for her. "Helen wished for world peace, no prejudice and she and I share a common birthday wish -- she said she hopes for a real healthcare reform bill."

You gotta credit one quick-thinking reporter who immediately asked the question, "Is that single-payer?"

Obama ignored that question too.


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