Breaking News: Michelle Obama gets new hairdo

First Lady Michelle Obama shows off her new hairdo at last night's country music celebration ceremony at the White House. The new do got a bipartisan thumbs up from Laura Bush's former press secretary.

Maybe there is such a thing as post-partisanship, at least when it comes to hair. First Lady Michelle Obama gets a new look, and the Bush administration is giving it a thumbs up. Well, at least one member of the past administration, and no, it's not Dick Cheney.

The First Lady unveiled a brand-spanking-new 'do last night as the White House temporarily morphed into the Grand Ole Opry. The First Couple welcomed Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss, and Charley Pride as part of a continuing series on music. Last night, the focus was country music. Last spring, jazz was in the spotlight, and later this year a classical session is scheduled.

But back to the hairdo...

What's it look like? Don't trust us. We cut our hair by placing a bowl on our heads. So we turn to the celeb/fashion site Twirlit. They describe it like this:

"The First Lady shortened the sides and the back, keeping her side-sweeping bangs and making for a look at once sharp, modern and – again – classic," writes Jessica Madison.

Not everyone's happy with it. The "Image" writers at the LA Times aren't overly impressed. They're not panning it, but they say it "reads a bit matronly" to them.

Not so, says Laura Bush's former press secretary Noelia Rodriguez. "I love the first lady’s new do – it’s sassy and classy. It captures her sense of confidence and puts the fun in functional – it’s perfect for those DC summers," Rodriguez told the Vote.

Is she surprised the new look is getting gathering news interest? Not at all.

"From hats and veils to bobs and hair bands, Americans are always fascinated by what’s on the first lady’s head. Mrs. Obama is no exception," she said.


Just so you know, we love your haircut. And we'll be glad to talk about it once you follow us on Twitter!

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