Obama trip: What he's doing, day by day

Barack and Michelle Obama board Air Force One Sunday evening to start a six-day overseas trip that will take them to Russia, Italy, and Ghana.

Here is a brief outline of their travel plans based on a White House briefing on the trip:

Monday: The president and first lady will arrive in Moscow in the afternoon, Moscow time.  He will take part in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Russian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Then Mr. Obama will meet with President Dmitry Medvedev at the Kremlin.  In the evening, the two presidents will hold a joint press conference at the Kremlin.

Tuesday: The president's day begins with breakfast with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Later, the president will have a meeting with former President Mikhail Gorbachev. In the afternoon, the president will give a major speech at the New Economic School on US-Russia relations. Mr. Obama also plans to meet with what the White House calls a variety of Russian political and business leaders.

Wednesday: The president and first lady fly to Rome. While in Rome, he will meet with Italian political leaders including a session with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. Then, he will leave Rome and travel to L’Aquila, Italy, for a Group of 8 summit meeting. Members of  the G-8 are: Canada, France, Germany, Italty, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the US. Obama will spend roughly 48 hours in L’Aquila.

Thursday: The day will begin with additional summit meetings, including a session of the so-called G-8 plus 5 (China, India, South Africa, Mexico, and Brazil). In addition, for this summit, Italy invited Egypt to attend those meetings. On Thursday afternoon, several additional countries will join the international gathering, including Australia, Indonesia, and Korea for what is being called a Major Economies Forum to discuss energy and climate issues, among other topics.

Friday: The president's day will begin with a working breakfast of the G-8 plus African countries and several international organizations. The president will also hold a bilateral meeting with South African President Jacob Zuma. After lunch, the president will hold a press conference. Then, Obama will return to Rome for a meeting with the Pope. After his time at the Vatican, the president and Mrs. Obama will board Air Force One and fly to Accra, Ghana, arriving late that evening.

Saturday: Obama will make a major speech to the Ghanaian parliament on development and democracy. After the speech, the president and first lady will tour the Cape Coast Castle, where he will make brief remarks. Then, they will fly home.

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