Sanford disappears, John Kerry makes Sarah Palin joke

Senator John Kerry took a shot at Alaska Governor Sarah Palin when discussing the disappearance of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

Come on. Who didn't see this one coming? One Republican Governor goes missing and someone makes a joke about wishing it was Sarah Palin. It's an easy one.

And just like Rodney Dangerfield would tell his predictable "I get no respect" jokes (which, incidentally, were hilarious), you knew someone would bring up Governor Palin.

And the award goes to the funniest guy in the US Senate. Er.... Well, the award goes to Senator John Kerry.

The Boston Herald reports that Kerry was speaking to a bunch of business leaders he invited to Washington when he brought up the disappearance of Sanford (this is before Sanford's press conference) and linked it to the Alaskan governor.

“Too bad,” Kerry said, “if a governor had to go missing it couldn’t have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin.”


Of course those on the right don't think it's that funny. Ethel Fenig over at The American Thinker blogs, “Tee hee! Letterman, Kerry -- all afraid of strong, independent women! Kerry should find a job with David Letterman -- who would miss him?”

"He needs to go back to his 'Munster" family,' writes one disgruntled commenter over at FOX News.

The last time someone of stature made a joke at Palin's expense, she got him to back down and apologize. But that was when David Letterman took a pot shot at one of her daughters.

It's probably doubtful she'll launch an all out attack for this joke. But with one big victory behind her, who knows?


We'll never take a pot shot at you. But if we do, it will only be on Twitter. So follow us!

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