Robert Gibbs to be sacrificed at Hawaiian Luau tonight

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (not pictured) will be sitting in a dunk tank tonight at President Obama's Hawaiian luau on the South Lawn of the White House.

Tonight every White House reporter who ever felt like President Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs was spinning them can get their revenge.

Obama is throwing a Hawaiian luau for members of congress and their guests this evening. And to add some excitement to the event, Gibbs will be thrown into a volcano as a human sacrifice. Actually we're just joking on the volcano thing but he will be sacrificed -- to an extent.

To add that extra spark (no, not as in "sparking moment") to the festivities, the president has ordered up a dunk tank. And Gibbs and White House Chief of Staff Rahm "@$#*&!" Emanuel are the targets.

Gibbs has agreed to let members of the White House press corps take their shots at him early -- before the luau begins. And he's allowing it to be videotaped -- for a price. Every journalist has agreed to kick in five bucks toward charity.

Although it would be far more interesting if Gibbs would wear a sequined swimsuit, he's not. In fact, his apparel for the dunking is quite boring.

"I brought some clothes to go to the gym in, and I think I'll do that," he said at his afternoon briefing.

The South Lawn is looking quite festive for the event tonight complete with tiki torches and palm trees. "I hope everybody's got their Hawaiian shirts and their muumuus for our luau tonight," Obama told lawmakers this afternoon.

We'll post the video once we get it...


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