Boxer scolds Army General for not calling her "Senator"

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California Senator Barbara Boxer (not pictured) sounded a lot like South Park's Eric Cartman yesterday when she demanded that Brigadier General Michael Walsh respect her authority. Walsh made the inexcusable mistake of calling her "Ma'am" instead of "Senator".

Ever wonder what Eric Cartman might sound like if he was in Congress? Wonder no more...

California Senator Barbara Boxer is a Senator. And if you don't acknowledge it, she'll demand you acknowledge it. Even if you're a General in the United States Army.


Brigadier General Michael Walsh appeared before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works yesterday to discuss the restoration process of the New Orleans' levee system due to the damage created by Hurricane Katrina.

There's still a lot of work to be done. Billions of dollars have been spent and there are no permanent structures in some areas that would prevent such a disaster from occurring again.

Obviously Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer has a right to be concerned with this. After all, it's her committee.

Did she voice her concern?

Absolutely. But what got her most rankled was when she wasn't addressed properly. It seems that "ma'am" -- a term deemed appropriate by a Military Protocol guide -- isn't good enough for the senator. She demands the title "Senator". So much so that she interrupted his testimony to scold him for the apparent lack of respect.

Respect my authoritay

When beginning to address one of her questions, Boxer Senator Boxer immediately cut him off to correct him.

"You know, do me a favor," Boxer Senator Boxer demanded. "Could say 'senator' instead of 'ma'am?'"

"Yes, ma'am," Walsh answered.

"It's just a thing, I worked so hard to get that title, so I'd appreciate it, yes, thank you," Boxer Senator Boxer continued.

"Yes, senator," he said.


Of course, those on the right are going ballistic on this one.

"Respect is something that must be earned, and Boxer has done nothing to earn her title except dupe a few weak minded Californians to vote for her," writes Bryan McAffee over at RightPundits. "It is also somewhat ironic that she is chastising a man who has worked very hard to get his title and she doesn’t seem to show any respect for him by calling him General. Of course her contempt for the military is well known, so I’m not surprised."


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