Nancy Reagan visits President Obama (no seance jokes this time)

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan joined President Obama today for a signing ceremony that establishes a Commission charged with determining how to best mark the late president's 100th birthday.

She was right literally and figuratively.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan was back at the White House today and while President Obama was signing a bill to establish a Commission honoring her late husband's 100th birthday, she remarked, "Oh, you're a lefty..."

No joke

Obama could have seized the moment and made a political joke of some sort (you know Biden couldn't have resisted). But seeing that the last time one of his attempts at humor intersected with Nancy Reagan it was a full-on disaster, he stayed free from any jocularity.

Not that the ceremony needed it. Instead it was a sweet moment where the president had nothing but nice things to say about 40th Commander-in-Chief.

"President Reagan understood that while there are often strong disagreements between parties and adversaries. .. it is important to keep in mind all that we share. For all of the deepest divides that exist in America the bonds that bring us together are that much stronger," Obama said.

"We may see the world differently but we must never stop seeing one another as fellow Americans and as patriots who want what is best for the country we love," he added.


The Commission is charged with determining how to best mark the 100th anniversary of President Reagan's birth. Although still two years away, it takes time to determine if a postage stamp, a commemorative coin or convening a joint session of Congress is the optimum way to celebrate the late president's centennial.

Of course, there could always be a non-official Chia Pet in honor of President Reagan. After all, a Chia Obama was released a couple months ago. (It was quickly banned by Walgreens.)


Outside of the "lefty" comments, Mrs. Reagan was just an observer at today's ceremony. She could have launched into the president for not inviting her to the ceremony that reversed President George W. Bush's policy on stem-cell research. But she didn't. She saved that for next month's Vanity Fair.

“I would have gone, and you know I don’t like to travel,” she told the magazine. “Politically it would have been a good thing for him to do. Oh, well, nobody’s perfect. He called and thanked me for working on it. But he could have gotten more mileage out of it.”

Maybe they're going for more mileage tomorrow. The current First Lady is having lunch with Mrs. Reagan tomorrow. Before dropping by for lunch, Reagan will attend a ceremony in the Capitol where a statue of her late husband will be unveiled.


Hey, just in case a Chia Reagan is unveiled tomorrow, we'll let you know about it. So follow us on Twitter!

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