Obamas head to New York - no aerial tour of Statue of Liberty planned

President Obama and First Lady Michelle are having a date-night tonight in New York City. The plans are for a broadway musical and dinner. Hopefully, for the First Lady's sake, the president will choose a more romantic restaurant than the hamburger stand he opted for yesterday.

Start spreading the news....

President Obama and First Lady Michelle are off to New York. The First Couple are having a date night with plans for dinner and a Broadway show in the Big Apple.

Thankfully, there's been a change in the White House Military Office or they could have unknowingly taken an aerial tour of the Statue of Liberty creating mass panic like what happened last month.

Perhaps to ensure minimal hysteria, the Obamas aren't even taking Air Force One. Well, technically they are (any airplane the president is on automatically turns into Air Force One), it's just not the big jumbo jet.


On tap for the evening? Choice of restaurant is unknown. As for the entertainment, they've got plenty of choices. If they really wanted to surprise the media, they could pop over to the BB King Blues Club and watch Buckethead shredding the guitar. The former Guns 'n Roses guitarist played with a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head (thus the name) for years. Now he just opts for a plain bucket.

This choice is unlikely, however.

Come and Gone

Instead, reports are that the Obamas will attend a performance of August Wilson's "Joe Turner's Come and Gone" at the Belasco Theatre.

Not a bad pick according to reviewers. Thumbs up from everyone including the New York Times, Variety, and USA Today.

What's it about? One popular theatrical review site ( summarizes it this way:

The great migration of African-Americans from the farms of the South to the cities of the North is captured in this drama of folks passing through a Pittsburgh boarding house in 1911. One of them is on a special quest, to find a mystical "Shining Man." When a threatening stranger arrives, he suspects his quest may be at an end.

Then that's it. They head back to Washington. They're not even going to spend the night.

But before they head back, the guys over at Gawker have one request:

Hopefully, he'll also walk through the new wonderful, traffic-castrated Times Square, stand in the middle of it, and say something about the rise of community, and let the word "socialism" slip in there for fun, and New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser's horns would pop out of her head. That'd be neat.


If the Obama's decide to attend Buckethead's performance instead, we'll let you know about it first. So follow us on Twitter!

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