Biden makes fun of Obama after teleprompter falls over

Joe Biden did what late night comedians are struggling to do -- make fun of President Obama. At the Air Force Academy today, Vice President Joe Biden lampooned the president's use of teleprompters when one of his teleprompters blew over.

They say that late-night comics are having a hard time making fun of President Obama. If that's the case, maybe Letterman, Leno, and Ferguson should pay attention to a wacky new comedian who proved today that it could be done.

The comedian's name? Joe Biden.

What the...

The odds were good for a gaffe-free speech. Really. It was a safe crowd. The vice president's remarks were already written and approved. All he had to do was read it.

Nope. Never that simple...

Biden, with the help of Mother Nature, managed to make his own special brand of news today when delivering the commencement address at the Air Force Academy.

Apparently it was windy. So windy that one of Biden's teleprompters blew over.

Two choices

So at this point, the vice president had two options. He could ignore it and proceed to give his speech (after all, one was still functional), or he could call attention to it by making a joke at the president's expense.

Guess which option the vice president took?

Rough day

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that it didn't seem to be a great day for him anyway. According to the paper, Biden "didn't get much love from the crowd" while delivering his speech.

One of the three times that he did receive spontaneous applause, however, was when he made fun of his boss. That's when the teleprompter blew over.

"What am I going to tell the president?" Biden asked the crowd. "Tell him his teleprompter is broken? What will he do then?"

A clarification from Biden's office has yet to be released...

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