McCain slams Limbaugh and Olbermann -- not John, but his Mom

Approving of Roberta McCain's remarks, Kevin Spacey invites applause from audience members on the Jay Leno show Wednesday night.

They tried to hide John McCain's Mom during the 2008 presidential election. Occasionally a reporter would slip underneath the radar and get her to speak up. Most of the time though she was like Dick Cheney (the pre-2009 model).

With the chains of the campaign long gone, Roberta McCain can speak freely again. And she did. Wonderfully.


And to great questions like: Who annoys you? That's what Jay Leno wanted to know -- on both sides of the political spectrum. First, on the left....

"Olbermann," Ms. McCain blurted out, getting a rise out of fellow guest Kevin Spacey.

What's wrong with Olbermann?

"I just can't figure out that type of person who more or less gets joy out of denigrating people," she said. "Thank God I'm not around people like him," she added.


But the barbs weren't just reserved for Democrats (or Socialists as some members of the RNC want them now called). She's not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh either.

"I don't know what the man means, I don't know what he's talking about," she said. (Spacey seemed to like this answer better).

"I don't know what he is but he does not represent the Republican Party that I belong to," she added.

The studio audience didn't seem to be partisan applauding after both responses.

Limbaugh responds

Limbaugh laughed too after playing the clip on his show yesterday.

"She's right. She's absolutely right," he said. "The Republican Party she belongs to gets shellacked -- election after election after election."

"Send McCain's mother out to dump on me?" he chortled. "I love it."

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